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Shell Out, Sell Out.

When the media industry told us through song and film that ‘Love Don’t Cost a Thing’, they certainly weren’t referring to the services of matchmaking website Eharmony. However, it’s also a commonly known fact that you ‘pay for the best’ and that ‘nothing in life is free’ and so here I sit, tentatively entering those last three numbers that will confirm my payment for a year’s subscription to the site. Is it worth it? That’s partially what I’m here to find out. The other part of me is truly interested in seeing if Eharmony can match me with someone who at least sort of fits the mold of Prince Charming, or at least doesn’t resemble a mountain troll. Boy…did they ever!


So I broke down and bought a year’s subscription. Because COME ON! Show me sample matches like that (see above for actual screenshot of my matches) and you’ll have me flat…well, you’ll have me. Besides, a girl can never resist a good sale coupon and my code got me 20% off. It feels a little strange to be ‘bartering’ for love. Love should be precious, priceless, untouched and unworried by the soil of human greed. But alas, this is not the way it works in our fallen, modern world…but enough soliloquizing. I think that tendency towards drama and theatrics that comes out in my speech is one of the things that puts guys off. They don’t want to have to think too hard, since it is scientifically proven that women are stronger in areas of language and deciphering emotion. Men are technical. And I? I am NOT strong in areas regarding tech. I just hit things when they break.

For men, it’s more mechanical. Literal love that is shown by actions. There’s nothing wrong with that, in a way doesn’t that create a perfect match? It’s so lovely and so comforting to think that in areas where you are lacking, he can step up to the plate, and in areas where he may be weaker, you can step in and fill whatever void there is. However instead of these two ‘pieces’ fitting together I think that more often than not they clash, stating that one doesn’t ‘understand’ the other.

These differences and our understanding of them, is what makes websites like Eharmony or so successful. Because they become the middle man, deciphering and moderating between two people based on the questions they have to answer regarding their personality and views on certain subjects.


Now we’ve gotten through the survey and the tests, we take the plunge…or rather, our credit limit takes the plunge. Gulp – talk about fear of commitment!


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