Once upon a time, in a far northern land, lived a young girl. She believed herself to be under the influence of a powerful curse. For in all of her 24 years, she had never been kissed. In fact, she had never been on a date, never courted by a man.

Years passed, and the young girl who had never known romance turned into a (kind of-sort of-maybe if you squint) beautiful woman, and her fear of the curse grew. Year after year she saw love-locked friends become engaged and marry, even have children. And yet she remained alone. A bystander to the happiness of everyone else.

As she looked up at the stars at night, she believed that she would always do this alone. And so she wished upon a star in the great galaxy of the internet, and as she did so, a name came to her of a great and powerful wizard, much like Oz, and so she set out on her quest to find love, and pinned her hopes and dreams that she would find these things with the help of the great wizard, eHarmony.

And it is with YOU, dear companions that I set off on my journey so that you may listen to me rant and rage, cry and carouse and otherwise swoon & suffer the trials of love…or like…or tolerance for the sake of this blog. Now it’s off to kiss a frog and take a gamble he’ll turn out to be a prince.

– Your dateless damsel,